Update from Mohamed Abdelrahmen

in OR with my loupe.previewInterface Uganda supported Mohamed Abdelrahmen, a general surgeon from Sudan, in his training to become a plastic surgeon.  He worked with Andrew Hodges briefly – visiting and working for a short while at Corsu hospital.  The training  fellowship was for 2 years at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan – it is a renowned Plastic and Reconstructive Unit (Vikram Devaraj spent 3 months there when he was training in Plastics).   Interface funded his air fare and a bit of subsistence money.  At present there are no plastic surgeons in Sudan, so we are hoping he will return to Sudan in 2018 to set up a plastic and reconstructive unit there.

Here is the email we recently received:

Dear Ms Karen Devaraj,
It is always good to hear from you.  I am between UK and Germany, as my wife is doing her PhD with my kids.
I fly regularly to Sudan, where I teach colleagues, and see and treat patients.
I have good support from colleagues here who accompanied me in 3 different trips, taught and operated back in Sudan.
Also, I found genuine and generous donations of materials – like suture materials, lead hands, instruments – all from the department I worked for.  I took them back to Sudan during my trips.
I am trying to build up things before I go back to Sudan.
I hope I can have some friends from Interface to accompany me on my trips back home – that would be great.
Hopefully, once my wife is finished in 2018 we will all be able to go back home to Sudan to start real work.
Much regards,