Its been great experience so far, though I am still at the beginning.  They gave me the first few days to accommodate and adapt myself, and for administrative procedures.  Also, I had a chance to sit with the well known Prof Fu Chan Wei, who is responsible for International Fellowships, and Prof C H Lin, Chairman of Plastic& Reconstructive Surgery Department.  They both welcomed me and discussed my training plan.  I got the advice not to focus only on knowledge and skills but also the setting, which I will have to think of when I am back home.

Then I received my training schedule, where I am going to spend 6 months in each of the 4 divisions: Burns/General Plastic, Microsurgery, Craniofacial and Trauma Plastic.

So, my first rotation is Burns/General Plastic, where I will rotate between different attendings.

So far, I have been introduced to the management of burns, grafts, contracture release, all of which I found really useful, and I am slowly beginning to observe and assist.

I am trying hardly to control my budget, but it seems hard in the begining, especially when you have to pay for health check, and residency Visa.  I also need to make savings to buy a Surgical Loop which is important, but I really found it expensive, so I think I will not be able to get it soon.

Thank you for your care and continuous support.

Kind regards,  Mohamed Abdelrahman