Trainee surgeons report from Ganga Hospital in India

Interface Uganda has funded the trip for 3 of the trainee plastic surgeons (Doctors Obady, Irene and Joseph) from CoRSU to attend the 3 week microsurgery course at Ganga Hospital.  Have a look at their full report here.

Microsurgical skills are essential for the reconstructive surgeon to enhance their ability to provide
holistic surgical care and management of complex defects especially during secondary reconstruction
but most importantly primary reconstruction in the setting of acute trauma.
To acquire these skills, one needs training as well as application of the principles and for starters like us,
a microsurgical skills laboratory is a necessity before one can gain confidence and expertise to safely
manage a patient.
Due to absence of adequate facilities to provide comprehensive microsurgical training in Uganda, it was
important for us to find a suitable place beyond the borders to learn these skills.
With the wise guidance, coordination and collaboration between Dr. Andrew Hodges, CoRSU hospital
and Ganga hospital and with full financial facilitation from Interface Uganda, we managed to turn our
dream into a reality.