Thank you to Bridlington Lions club

Feeding bottles 2Feeding bottlesWe would like to thank Bridlington Lions club in East Yorkshire for a huge £500 donation.  This was through Jane Sibley, a cleft lip nurse specialist from Oxford, who has recently visited CoRSU hospital (funded by Interface) – story and photos coming soon!
Here is the email that Jane sent regarding the generous donation:
Just a little note to say that I’ve had some lovely news from one of my patient’s mums. Magni, is one of Marc’s pre-op babies with a cleft palate and his mother recently told me that his grandfather is a member of the East Yorkshire Lion’s and they have pledged £500 to Interface Uganda with a particular request for the money to go to helping babies born with cleft lip and palate.
I have been visiting Magni regularly at home (as is usual with all our babies with cleft lip and/or palate) to offer support with his feeding and Magni’s mother was particularly interested to hear about my recent visit to CoRSU. On my return, she told me about the donation that Magni’s Grandfather has orchestrated.
The photos here are of some of the babies with cleft lips and palates that Jane helped when she worked at CoRSU hospital in March this year.
Thank you so much to Magni’s grandfather for helping Interface to help babies in Uganda.