Thank you Sue Moger for your latest fundraising

20171201_103442 (1)Sue Moger has once again been raising funds for us – this time with tea and cakes at the Russell Clinic.  Thanks also to all the OT staff and residents there – they made £57.55.  Sue writes…
‘I do a fundraiser once a year as its good for our residents to think of others less fortunate than themselves… it supports the ‘5 ways to mental well- being’ approach, which we use a lot in our service..
1) mindful
2) to give
3) stay active
4) learn a new skill
5) connect with others
We showed the Interface Uganda DVD too, which they were really engrossed in… it was lovely to see and it generated a good discussion afterwards about our own NHS and how lucky we are  etc.
I was super proud of them all.’