Thank you to Katie Aldridge

Katie AldrigeA huge thank you to Katie, who recently completed her Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge for Interface.  She has managed to raise over £500! She writes:

I was due to do the Yorkshire 3 peak challenge back in May to raise money for both your incredible charity and CLAPA. I chose your charity as my daughters surgeon volunteers for you and of course the lovely Jane Sibley. Due to illness I couldn’t take part but this weekend I finally completed it and I’m excited to say that I will have at least another £200 to add to my justgiving page this week. Thank you for the amazing work you do! Warmest regards, Katie

This is on her Justgiving page (

As most of you know, my amazing daughter was born with Pierre Robin Sequence with a cleft palate. Sylvie was lucky enough to be born in a country where she has the best care possible, the best support possible and some of the best surgeons in the world.
Some children aren’t that fortunate. Some children will go through life with unrepaired clefts and other facial abnormalities resulting in many physical and psychological obstacles.

Sylvie’s incredible surgeon Mr Swan volunteers for Interface Uganda to help children less fortunate than Sylvie and we would like to help him, give them same treatment and opportunities as he has given to her.