More splinting stories from CoRSU hospital


These cases have been compiled by Rhonah Asinguza, one of the Occupational therapists at CoRSU hospital.  The white splinting material seen in the photos has been provided by Interface.

This 13 year old girl was diagnosed with impairment of her brain. While at school she became ill and developed quadriplegia and lost all learned abilities. She was referred to OT (Occupational Therapy) for splints for both hands.  C-shaped splints were issued for night use and she was trained in simple activities of daily living (ADL’s), i.e. feeding and dressing.  She is now showing great improvement and is happy.

The second photo shows a three year old boy with flexed post burn contractures involving all fingers and thumb on his left hand following a fall in the fire when younger. He had contracture releases 1 month ago. A thermoplastic splint was issued, and he is now able to participate in simple activities.


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