Splinting case stories 2016

Rhonah Asinguza, an occupational therapist at CoRSU hospital has just compiled these stories for us, showing how the splinting material we regularly send out is helping patients.  Here are 2 of the stories – to read her full account, please click here.

JK splintJK is a 2month old baby with erbs palsy. After assessment, splinting was recommended and a SUPER splint issued out and therapy exercises for the left arm were instructed to the attendant. Monitoring of the child’s growth and use of upper limb is in progress.

splintRN is a 7 year old girl who fell on her forearm and sustained an injury. She is unable to use the hand and was getting flexion deformity of digits and wasting of thenar/hypothenar muscles. She was diagnosed with Volkmann’s ischeamic contracture. She was referred to an occupational therapist. Stretching was done and a thermoplastic splint for the hand was made. Hand mobilization exercises were also done. On review thermoplastic splint was made with wrist and PIPs in extension. She is  continuing with therapy.