Report from James Odinga – physiotherapist at Kagando Hospital

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IMG_20171214_180223James Odinga has sent us his report for Novemeber and December.  He is a newly qualified physiotherapist, assisted by Interface to work alongside Gloria at the therapy department in Kagando Hospital.  It sounds as if he is getting a varied experience from his detailed report, which you can read in full here.

Here is a snippet from his report:


  • Patient adherence to Physio visits and those lost in follow up was a challenge last time. Am glad to report that this has greatly improved over the last two months even with the cover charge of 10,000ugx per visit still standing. We have taken time to explain to our patients the need for physiotherapy. We have devised means of training care takers for those who still find the charges high to continue exercises at home to reduce on the number of visits.
  • We received a Fourth year Physiotherapy student from Mbarara University of science and Technology between October-November. Am glad I was also given an opportunity to work with him, guide him and shared knowledge. It was great that at times I was the immediate supervisor. It elevated my clinical, leadership and social skills. This also showed how training institutions have trusted the competence of Kagando Hospital Rehabilitation department as a training Centre for students.
  • Continuous Medical Education has been our emphasis and we have conducted a number of CMEs to the hospital staff and Students at the Nursing School about physiotherapy care and conditions and it is great to see how their practice has changed for such conditions. For example clinicians now refer back pain patients to Physio for full assessments before ordering for expensive lab tests, radiographs that come negative yet they drain patients’ pockets before even actual physiotherapy treatments are given.
  • My supervisor and I started Exercises sessions for the staff at Kagando hospital and students that we have termed as “KEEP FIT.” This came about considering the fact that many studies conducted about benefits of being physically active. Our aim is to keep the staff around here physically fit such that they can serve the patients effectively well and we are the best profession to handle that.
  • Am so much grateful that INTERFACE UGANDA board accepted to add me more 6months. I count myself blessed that even the hospital community is happy to still have me around until June, 2018. A 3month placement, turned to 6months now one year. It will be a great achievement for the Physiotherapy department to curb the increasing work load for one Physio employed there. I am having the best time of my life around here. I can’t ask for anything more.