Report from Irene and Joseph (trainee surgeons) at the Interburns fellowship at Choitram Hospital, India

Irene certificate Joseph certificate Irene and JosephThank you to Drs Irene Asaba Mugisha and Joseph Mbuga for their comprehensive and enlightening report from their Interburns Fellowship at the Choitram Hospital and Burns Unit In Indore, India.  They were there for six weeks in October / November 2017.  It is a really good read, and contains lots of photos – both in the hospital, and also visiting the surrounding area.

You can read the full report by clicking here.  Here are some extracts from the report:

Special thanks go out to Interface Uganda especially Dr. Andrew and Sarah Hodges who tirelessly coordinated the acquisition of full funding for facilitating the fellowship; without which the fellowship would not have been possible. We are sincerely grateful for the generous support.

Major burn injury evokes strong emotional responses for the patient, family as well as the health care staff. The management of victims of severe burns is really challenging; and prior to this fellowship we must confess that our knowledge and experience regarding comprehensive burn management was really inadequate. Our six weeks training at the Choithram hospital and Research center burns unit enriched us with a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding standard comprehensive burn care in a specialized burn unit setting that could easily be incorporated in our resource limited settings in Uganda and Africa as a continent at large. It was amazing how much of a positive difference this multidisciplinary burn care approach brought towards the burn victims and survivors as well as their caregivers.