Rebecca Cook is fundraising for Interface

R Cook marathon

A HUGE thank you to Rebecca Cook, who is running The Reading half marathon on 3rd April. You can sponsor her at:

Her is her story, showing why she has chosen Interface Uganda as her charity to support:

In July 2015 our wonderful son George was born with a cleft lip and gum. George has been fortunate because the outstanding care and expert treatment he has received from an amazing team in Oxford means that there will be no significant impact on his life and nothing to stop him from achieving all his hopes and dreams.

However, not all children throughout the world are as lucky. In the developing world a child born with a similar condition as George may face many challenges including not being able to eat or speak properly, often they are not allowed to attend school.

Having seen just how much joy George has brought to my, Chris and Henry’s lives as well as so many of those around us and just how easily this can be treated allowing him to thrive; this is truly heartbreaking.

Mr Marc Swan who performed George’s lip repair operation and Jane Sibley the specialist nurse who cared for him whilst he was in hospital in November 2015 are personally involved with the charity Interface Uganda training up medical teams in Kampala to perform the procedure and care for the children. Marc and Jane are visiting again in March 2016 to continue their amazing work. The money we raise will go directly to helping benefit babies born with clefts in Uganda.

I have many incredibly sporty friends who will think nothing of running 13.1 miles; however, with a 25 month old and a 6 month old, fitting in training isn’t easy and this certainly won’t be a walk in the park for me. Thinking about our fabulous little boy and all those babies and families who have not been as fortunate as us will keep me putting one foot in front of the other. You support means SO MUCH – thank you