SheilaSheila’s mother, Molly, is a single parent.  Her husband died just before Sheila was born from severe haemorrhage from an infected tooth.

Molly went into premature labour at home alone.  She thought to herself ‘this is the ninth baby I am giving birth to – how hard can it be?’  So she tried to deliver the baby on her own.  After a very prolonged labour, Sheila was born, but she was very weak and developed a large bleeding wound on her head.

She was later discovered by Dr Anna, a paediatrician at CoRSU, who was visiting a hospital in Northern Uganda where Sheila had been admitted.

Sheila was transferred down to CoRSU for nutritional help and treatment for her large scalp ulcer. Sheila rapidly gained a kilogram in weight, the wound began to heal, and she underwent a skin graft, which took well.

Molly was unable to pay for the treatment in the hospital, and is very grateful that Interface has helped with this.  The wound has almost healed, and Sheila has been allowed home.