Kule (22 months old) was treated at Kagando Hospital. He sustained severe burns to his head, arms and chest – these were cleaned up and then skin grafted. He healed very well.

As Kule was treated in a mission hospital which we visit, the operation was paid for as part of our outreach program, but his mother still had to pay ward costs for the several months they stayed. Therefore Interface offered to cover these costs to enable Kule to return home.

The story of the Kule is particularly shocking.  Kule’s brother was very sick in Kagando Mission hospital and treated by the surgical department. The mother could not pay the bills and when she took her son home she asked her husband if he would stop drinking so that they could save money for the medical bill. In a rage he locked his 4 children in the house and set fire to it before running off. Only Kule survived and we covered his burns with skin grafts. We later saw him with burn contractures and brought him to CoRSU for surgery.

Kule is doing very well though he will need more surgery to release the contractures. Unfortunately when we do burns operations in mission hospitals, the patients often lack the after care with dressings and physio and so the results are frequently sub‐optimal.