Godfrey was seen at Kagando hospital with a huge keloid scar – 1.9kg – extending over godfrey1the side of his face.  We felt that the only procedure that could help him would be to remove it and replace it with a free flap.  He made an excellent recovery, and Interface paid for the procedure as he was unable to raise the money.  He was extremely happy once it godfrey4godfrey2was performed.

We now have an update of Godfrey from Andrgodfrey3ew Hodges (sent January 2013):

‘I thought you would like to see these photos of this young man who was assisted by  Interface, who paid for his treatment – I was up in Kagando this week – we first saw him in Kagando and brought him down to CoRSU for treatment  – excision of keloid and free flap – he did extremely well and is really delighted with the difference – so are we!!  Best wishes, Andrew’