This lady was first seen in June 2010 with an extensive parotid tumour.  She underwent excision and a free flap was put on – the bill was covered by Interface.  Sadly following surgery she did not have any funds to pay for her radiotherapy, so she stayed at home untreated.  Not surprisingly the tumour recurred, and this time she underwent a very radical resection with lymph node clearance an a large free flap to cover it all.  To ensure that she had her radiotherapy we kept her on the ward and supervised. She is now staying in a hostel which has been set up by another charity for cancer patients.  So far she is doing really well.

Anet is a great example of lots of organizations pulling together to get things done – CoRSU, funded by CBM provided the facility, Interface paid for the operation and stay, Helena at IHK provided the oncology expertise free, and a hostel set up for patients with cancer put her up after the operation and transported her to Mulago for her radiotherapy.