More patient stories from CoRSU

Fatiya NabiryoThank you to George Galliwango (head of plastic and reconstructive surgery at CoRSU hospital) for the following patient stories:


Nabiryo was unable to close her left eye.  As a baby, she was crawling and fell into a hot iron, which burnt her, and left her with scars that prevented her eye closing.  She was orphaned as a child, and could not afford surgery.  Interface helped her to pay for her surgery at CoRSU hospital.  She can now close her eye.

“Interface am very grateful, for your contribution is priceless. You have not only given me joy but hope as well. As an orphan, I would never have had this chance of surgery. Thank you to CoRSU because without you I would never have gotten the chance to be helped by Interface.”

Raymond Bunga

Raymond BungaRaymond, from the DRC, was involved in an accident on the 15th September 2016, suffering an open fracture  with loss of a segment of the tibia right leg. He risked losing his leg.

Initially, he was treated by the Orthopedic team, but soon it became apparent that limb salvage required Ortho-plastic approach. He needed soft tissue cover for the mid-third of his leg.  Raymond’s is one of several cases  involving increasing collaboration with orthopedics  in limb reconstructions.  Interface is helping to cover his hospital fees.

Juliet Namujju

Juliet Namujju 1 Juliet Namujju 2My leg got burned by the exhaust pipe of a motor bike after a fall off the boda boda on a slippery road. I am a single mother of 3 children and I operate a small grocery kiosk to feed myself and children. I was advised me to go to Kisubi Hospital. Upon reaching Kisubi hospital, the doctors referred me to CoRSU Hospital. When I was told that it was close by, so I was relieved because I was worried of the transport fare.

I was taken to CoRSU hospital , and while there, I saw Dr. Hodges. I explained my condition to him and what I had been through.  I was able to contribute to my bill partly while the rest was offered by Interface Uganda. Interface – a big and special thank you comes from deep down my heart. I am very grateful and pray for blessings and more donors for the hospital.