Patient stories from CoRSU Hospital

Thank you to Saudha and the staff involved at CoRSU hospital and to these patients who have allowed us to share their stories with you all.  An example of how Interface is helping children in Uganda.





Here is an excerpt from Gilbert’s story:

GilbertWeak and in agonising pain, Gilbert arrived at CoRSU with his father after months of struggle to treating the wound on his ankle.

It all started when Gilbert got a mild cut on his ankle while playing football eight months ago.

Now Gilbert cannot walk and his father Tenesio carries him around like a baby. Gilbert has become a burden to Tenesio, the head of a seven member family.

Like any peasant family, Gilbert’s family could not afford to raise money to seek medical attention, so they improvised with hot water and herbs. But this was in vain.

The community then branded Gilbert’s disease strange and spiritual. This led the family to visit a native doctor’s shrine for cleansing. However, this failed too as more pus continued oozing out of the wound. Children started discriminating Gilbert and he was left lonely.

Gilbert was forced to discontinue with school as the school authorities could not contain the stench from his wound.