New Report from Abaho Anthony at Kagando Hospital

Have a read of Abaho Anthony’s excellent report and his experience of being a physiotherapist at Kagando Hospital.  Iterface Uganda have been funding him to stay and help Gloria (the permanent physio there) since January 2021.

Here is an excerpt from his report:

Kagando hospital is a mission hospital under Kagando Rural Development Center (KARUDEC)
which embraces a mission of empowering communities by promoting quality health care,
education and religious development.
In order to achieve the above vision, facilities including hospital, nursing school, primary school,
water projects and others were put up to provide services to the needs of the community.
Interface Uganda, a United Kingdom based charity organization has been supporting kagando
hospital rehabilitation department over the past years by funding a one year internship placement
for a newly qualified physiotherapist. The main purpose of this internship is to provide a
platform in adverse environment in general hospital and boost the human resource in
rehabilitation department at kagando hospital to the intern. And also for the intern to gain skills
and knowledge in preparing for the future professional experience.
Through Interface Uganda whose mission is seeking to support orthopedic and plastic surgery
while supporting local specialism in Uganda, I was offered a post for physiotherapist intern after
completing a bachelors degree of science in physiotherapy of Mbarara university of science and
technology for which am grateful for and Interface Uganda has been funding my stay for the past
5 month at kagando hospital.

To read his full report, click here.