New administrator for reconstructive surgery in Uganda

Linna Kananura with Interface Laptop 2With all the new trainee reconstructive surgeons now in CoRSU, Andrew Hodges (consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon at CoRSU and founder of Interface Uganda) and George Galliwango (head of plastic and reconstructive surgery at CoRSU hospital) needed help with the administration.  There is a lot to coordinate with teaching, visiting surgeons coming out to teach, courses to arrange, timetabling, as well as updating us about patients, etc, etc.

So Andrew asked Interface if we could fund Linna to help them, as they need to get on with the surgery and teaching!

Linna started in her post earlier this year, and Interface has also provided her with a laptop.  We have been receiving new patient stories from Linna – see our ‘patients’ page – Ruth and Sheila are the stories that we have put on so far. We are sure she has become an invaluable part of the team.