Justus 2018-12 4Interface Uganda funded the newly qualified physio, Justus, to work at Kagando hospital from June 2018 – January 2019. He learnt many new skills there, and has now found a great new opportunity at Handicap International in Northern Uganda. We wish him every success in his new employment.
Here is the email he sent to us recently:

Greetings to the Interface Uganda team.
I would like to thank you so much for the internship opportunity and support you gave me at Kagando hospital. It has been indeed been a wonderful learning experience for me working with Gloria in the physiotherapy department. I believe it was the best opportunity for me working at Kagando hospital as a new graduate physio, as it is a good setting for on-job training.

I got a new job at Handicap International(HI), Uganda at the beginning of February. HI is a humanitarian international organisation working in Uganda. The experience at Kagando helped me in getting the job and I am also realising how important it was for me to get the experience as I work. I am sure the skills and knowledge I got have improved my practice as a physiotherapist.
My wedding was on 26th Dec. 2018, and I thank the team at Kagando hospital for the inspiration and support.
It was indeed an important period of professional growth at Kagando hospital.
I am preparing a final internship report which I will send to you soon.

Thanks with regards,
Justus Muhwezi.