Jane Sibley (cleft nurse specialist) trip to CoRSU in September 2018

IMG_1777 IMG_1756 IMG_1737 IMG_1711 IMG_1676 IMG_1558 IMG_1563 IMG_1569 IMG_1656 IMG_1666 IMG_1482 IMG_1463 IMG_1448 IMG_1439 IMG_1284 fullsizeoutput_3f51 IMG_1279 IMG_1281 IMG_1283 Jane Sibley (cleft nurse specialist from Oxford) went out to work and teach the nutrition team at CoRSU hospital in September.  She took out lots more equipment, and is making a great difference to the babies born with clefts and to their families in Uganda.  She has sent us this report and photos.

_DSC1841Jane Sibleys report