3 or 4 times a year, Andrew Hodges, Plastic Surgeon, travels from Kampala to Kagando, a busy mission hospital 6 hours drive away in the west of Uganda. He performs reconstructive surgery on patients who otherwise would not be able to afford to travel to Kampala. Many patients living up in the hills or the neighbouring towns cannot even afford to travel to Kagando to be seen. Interface has assisted these patients by providing funds to Kagando Hospital to enable them to transport patients for treatment. One former grateful patient who now lives near Kagando Hospital originates from Congo, where he realised that there were many patients just across the border who had no opportunity for help in Congo. With financial support from Interface Uganda, he was able to travel  to Congo and bring back 4 patients with cleft lips. Two of these were adults who had grown up with their clefts unrepaired. The transport cost given by interface was just £15 for each patient but without that assistance they would have remained untreated. This is perhaps a good example of how Interface can work with other organisataions to transform lives – CBM has funded Andrew Hodges to work in Uganda, CoRSU has resourced the team to visit a remote hospital, Smile Train has funded the cleft repairs, Kagando mission hospital is assisted by a number of charities and Interface has enabled the patient to access the services.