Interface Uganda funds another physio for Kagando hospital

Interface has been funding another newly qualified physiotherapist from Mbarara University to work in Kagando Hospital therapy department.  The new physio to help Gloria is Brian Haran Kaweesi.  He started at Kagando at the beginning of July.

Over the years (since 2014), Interface has funded 7 newly qualified physiotherapists to work with the physio at Kagando (initially Ken, now Gloria), thereby enabling the development of the wheelchair service and outreach service.  Even with just two physios this must be a huge task, as they do all this as well as treating all the in and out patients at Kagando.

Brian has just written his first report for us.  You can read the full report here.

Here is an excerpt from his report:


  • To be an integral member of the physiotherapy team to provide high quality, safe, cost effective and evidence based treatments to all patients requiring physiotherapy services within the catchment area of the hospital.
  • To gain physiotherapy work experience in preparation for future employment.
  • To continue developing my leadership and managerial skills through caseload management, multidisciplinary team work, self, patient management.
  • To engage in patient care delivery and department quality improvement projects within the physiotherapy department and hospital at large.
  • To improve my clinical skills in physiotherapy management of different conditions that I have learnt from my previous four years.
  • To share knowledge and life experience I have had in life to the hospital staff, practicing students, patients and communities of Kagando.
  • To create more friends and make connections that might help me in future life.
  • To learn more languages like; basic Rukonjo to facilitate easy communication with patients and local people in the community.


  • Increase on the manpower to assist the only Physio currently at Kagando hospital.
  • Two or more Physios at a setting give room for professional discussions and sharing of knowledge in case of challenging cases.
  • An intern comes with fresh knowledge and unique experience immediately after school which is a great addition to the team.
  • To the intern, it helps to provide more work experience and hands on skills and also a great opportunity to learn from the experienced Physio.