Interface has funded another physio (James) to help at Kagando hospital

IMG_20170629_170148 Collage IMG_20170829_141434 IMG_20170629_182906James Odinga has been funded by Interface to help Gloria (the physio at Kagando hospital) for 6 months.  Interface has previously funded physios to help out at Kagando for 3 month placements, but acting on feedback from the previous physio (Ken), we are now funding them for longer, as 3 months is only just long enough to feel useful, competent and confident, so by the time they were at this stage, it was time for them to leave.

Here is a report form Gloria about James, and the great work they are doing together:

Interface team, thank you for the support that you render to the Kagando community. We have had a wonderful two months with James Odinga who is so helpful. He is a good physiotherapist with good clinical knowledge and skills. He keeps growing everyday in terms of clinical reasoning, he is sociable so he is comfortable with the colleagues working at the hospital. And it feels really great having another physiotherapist with whom we can discuss patients and it keeps us learning.
He has coped up so fast that i managed to take off two weeks of my annual four week leave leaving to him the physiotherapy case load which he handled so well.

He has taken good strides in learning about the wheelchair service according to the WHO guidelines for wheelchair service clinicians as it is one of the major tasks at Kagando.

Yesterday being the world physiotherapy day, we dedicated the week to the children with disabilities that we help to achieve mobility. On Wednesday at the hospital, we assembled and fitted wheelchairs for 4 new children. On Thursday, we were at a community health centre where we did follow up of 9 old clients and fitted 2 new children. On Friday (WPT day), we visited Kyaninga Children’s Development centre in Fortportal town where we shared our day with six of their children. We assessed them and assembled and fitted 5 of them. So it was indeed a hectic week.

All this work is made possible by the support we constantly receive from you and we are indeed very grateful.

These are photos of few of the children we interacted with this week.

Here is James’ first report for the 2 months he has been there – click here to read.