Interface Uganda have funded two of the trainee plastic surgeons – Dr William Lubega and Dr Dorothy Nakuya Bbale to study and work at a specialist burns unit (Choithram hospital and research centre burn unit in Indore, Central India from November 2018 – January 2019).  Thank you to both of them, as they have sent us a very comprehensive and exciting report.  They have learnt a lot about dealing with burns, and the role of the whole multidisciplinary team in the treatment of burns.  Also they saw how important it is for the people who have suffered burns to have a support group to talk openly and share their feelings, and they saw an education programme for people to reduce the risk of burnsBurns dressings Burns team Indore report 1 Wall Poster.  They are now back at CoRSU hospital where they hope to put their newly learnt skills and knowledge into practice.  Have a look at the full report here.  It is worth a read!