More feedback from the nutritionist team

This is an email from Jane Sibley (cleft nurse specialist in Oxford who went out to CoRSU last year):

I just thought you’d like to see this feedback that I got from Bertha today.
I am so excited that she has filled in the sheet that I sent out to her so we could assess the usefulness the bottles.
This baby has done really well with the bottle and her weight gain has been excellent.
I am really grateful to Bertha for taking the time to fill in the sheet and share this baby’s progress with us.
I am sending out the other questionnaire with Tim so hopefully we’ll have some additional feedback soon.
I have am sending out a couple of electric breast pumps that were donated by friends of Rebecca Cook, before my trip in March 2016. I couldn’t fit them in my suitcase on that trip! I am also sending out a few packs of weaning spoons and hopefully the bottles that Tim couldn’t fit in his case from last time, just to make use of his suitcase!
Best wishes
Jane x cleft4
From Bertha Dorhys (nutritionist at CoRSU hospital):cleft cleft2 cleft3

Hello Jane,

Hope you are well.
Here is a photo of one of the babies using the bottles. I have also attached her the evaluation chart you gave me.