More equipment for the therapy and orthotic departments has arrived

2017-02-27 boxes arrived 2 2017-02-27 boxes arrivedIMG_1119The equipment we collected and sent has now arrived at CoRSU hospital.  We also sent out some new splinting material (the white sheets you can see in the photos).  The therapists cannot get hold of this in Uganda, so we send some out every 3-4 months.  The splinting material is heated and moulded (often used after hand injuries and surgery).  It is important, as it can be easily removed (unlike a plaster of Paris cast) for the patient to do exercises, otherwise the hand would get stiff very quickly.  nov-16-quadraplegia-splints

We have now sent out over £30,000 worth of equipment since the beginning of 2014.  This equipment would have been thrown away, as we cannot re-use it here.  It has cost Interface Uganda £3,000 in transport costs.