Equipment sent for Kagando physiotherapy department

IMG_0735 IMG_20180213_131108Interface has bought new equipment for Kagando physiotherapy department:

TENS machines, heat pads, a massager, a variety of therabands, gym balls, goniometers (for measuring joints) and 2 educational physio pocket books.

In the photo, you can see Zelda – a nurse helping on the therapy department, and Gloria.

Gloria (head of the therapy department at Kagando) writes:

‘Greetings from Kagando Hospital.  A very happy new month to every member of Interface Uganda.  I write this with ecstasy indeed following the most recent development at  our department from your kind hands. We did receive a set of equipment from Interface, delivered by Dr. Rob. We are so excited, they are so helpful and no words can fully express how grateful we are, and our patients too.

At the end of January, I attended a review and planning meeting for the wheelchair project where we were informed of a new set of products (wheelchairs for Kids) which were to be donated by world vision through our main lobbing organisation, motivation – Uganda. Mulago national referral received 80, Kagando 46, Gulu Regional Referral 40, CoRSU 20. Am glad to report that ours have reached Kagando.

We have got new arm of the Kyaninga Child development centre (based in Fort portal) coming to Kasese district. Being a general hospital, sometimes we wish we were doing more with the children with neurodevelopmental problems especially with follow up but KCDC is now our referral point and it is a great relief because they do home to home visits for CBR which Kagando could not afford.

James Odinga, our intern has continued to help in ways I could not have managed alone. He afforded a short break and is already back, happy and vigilant still.

I am glad to report that the Mbarara University students I have supervised on clinical placement at Kagando have continued to grow in their skills by the time they return to the university. The department is set to receive, yet again, 2 third year students from the university in March – April and it is an honor.

We hope that you have a very blessed month of March.  And God keep you.’