Equipment for the therapy department at CoRSU Hospital

Equipment resized for FBMore equipment on its way to Christine Tusiime (head of therapy at CoRSU hospital in Kampala). Thank you to the physios at RD&E hospital for collecting it – mostly splints that have had one patient use that we are unable to use again, but are still in good condition, and certainly re-usable. Also, we have sent out some new splinting material that is used mainly after hand surgery to protect tendon repairs and fractured bones (a pack of 15 sheets costs £242).
Thanks also to Ann Tooze for all your help with packing up the 7 boxes.
Although it is costly for Interface Uganda to send out all this equipment (£340 for these 7 boxes), it is well worth it, as the splinting material and used splints are worth over £3,500 (value if bought new). A good use of Interface Uganda money.

This is from Stanley Lubega (physio at CoRSU), who wrote on our facebook page:

WOW!!!! Amazing what Interface Uganda is. Thank you Jackie Fowler and the whole team for always laying out a helping hand. You have really kept us on the top because per say, we might be the only centre able to access this splinting material (thanx to you) for they are quite costly. They have helped change alot of lives! Awesome #hi whoever is hiding under the table