Latest report from Kagando physio

Latest report from Kagando physio

2nd December, 2019

Interface has been funding another newly qualified physio (Brian) to help Gloria at Kagando hospital. He has just sent us his second report which you can read here. He has seen a wide variety of patients which not only helps Gloria, but is also helping with brians professional development.

Here is an excerpt from his report:

ACHIEVEMENTS  I have continued to become a better and trusted Physio member of the rehabilitation team  I have continued to develop my [...]


More splinting material for CoRSU Hospital

15th October, 2019

More equipment for the therapy department at CoRSU.  Thank you to all the physios in Exeter who have been collecting equipment for us.


Interface funds refurbishment of Kagando therapy department

7th October, 2019

Interface has helped Gloria to refurbish her therapy department at Kagando Hospital.  She has sent us a wonderful report, which you can read here.

Here is a small extract from her report:

I am humbled to write this brief (more pictorial report on the refurb ishment that was done on our department, all thanks to Interface Uganda. I have mentioned to Jackie Fowler and am sure that she has reported to the interface team before about the limitted space in [...]


Interface Uganda funds another physio for Kagando hospital

23rd September, 2019

Interface has been funding another newly qualified physiotherapist from Mbarara University to work in Kagando Hospital therapy department.  The new physio to help Gloria is Brian Haran Kaweesi.  He started at Kagando at the beginning of July.

Over the years (since 2014), Interface has funded 7 newly qualified physiotherapists to work with the physio at Kagando (initially Ken, now Gloria), thereby enabling the development of the wheelchair service and outreach service.  Even with just two physios this must be a [...]



10th September, 2019

Have a look at all the fantastic things that Interface did in 2018, and all the wonderful fundraising that has been done by our brilliant supporters.  Thanks also to all the donations we get – too many to list, but without which we would not be able to help change lives in Uganda.  Click here  to read the 2018 report.



1st July, 2019

Thank you so much to Sue Moger, who organised a fundraising charity music event for us.  It looks and sounds as if they had an amazing evening – lots of great shapes on the dance floor, grooving to local band, ‘Solar’.  Sue raised a wonderful £502 for Interface Uganda.


Splinting stories from the therapists CoRSU hospital

23rd June, 2019

Thank you so much to Rhonah and David who compiled these patient stories for us.  We send splinting material out every 3-4 months, and it is great to see how it is being used.

Here is an excerpt for the report:

NB a 16 months old girl, jolly and active, with history of burns by a charcoal stove, sustained wounds that healed with contractures of the right index and middle fingers which could limit her to manipulate different toys during play, plan was drawn [...]