Annual Information Evening 2017

DSC_1334 IMG_2101 IMG_2102Thank you to everyone who managed to get to our Information Evening this year.  Helen Anderson introduced the evening and the speakers, and gave an overview of the charity.  We then had a great speaker – Dom Hazell, who is a physiotherapist at the RD&E hospital.  He and his wife spent time at Kagando hospital in February this year, and Dom fed back a very thought-provoking view of the hospital – the struggles it has financially with equipment and staff, and the sad patient stories.  So different from our amazing healthcare system here, which we often take for granted.  All patients have to pay for their care, and the care can be extremely difficult and challenging – often without specialist knowledge.  We heard about some of the beliefs and challenges over there that some poor families have to cope with.  Dom really highlighted how difficult the struggle must be if you have a disabled child and are poor, with no benefit system.

He also told us about how amazing Gloria is – she is the only physiotherapist at Kagando hospital, she is newly qualified, and has to manage a therapy team – orthopaedic technicians and an OT assistant.  She has to treat a whole variety of both in and out patients – all by herself, with no-one to liase with.  Dom is regularly in contact with her in case she needs to discuss patients.  This is something we do in our teams all the time over here – if we don’t know how to do something, we ask, but that is difficult when you are on your own!  We all hope she will ask lots of questions, as it is the way to learn.

Interface is now funding another newly qualified physio (James) to help her – we will update you on his progress.

Jackie Fowler gave an update on fundraising, and how we have been spending the money over the past year.  A special award was given to Isaac (aged 9), who has been an amazing fundraiser for us.  He did his own triathlon in March, and raised £450 for Interface!

Karen Devaraj talked about our plans for spending next year – to include funding the burns course for the trainees, helping with patient costs, funding a newly qualified physio at Kagando, sending out equipment, and helping to set up new plastic and reconstructive surgery units at Mbarara hospital, and in Sudan… this space!