Interface funds Amon Nuwahereza to work at Kagando hospital

amon-club-feetFor the past 3 months, Interface has been funding Amon Nuwahereza to help in the therapy department at Kagando hospital.  Amon is a newly qualified Ugandan physiotherapist from Mbarara University.  He has been helping Ken (physio at Kagando hospital), and has sent us reports (for the full reports from June an August, click on the links below).

Here is a small excerpt:

While at kagando I participated in assessment and patient management planning of patients with several conditions both in and outpatient through working as a team with my supervisor and other health workers. Also I was able to assess and treat a number of patients independently. These conditions include stroke, low back pain, cerebral palsy, meningitis, fracture rehabilitation, amputee rehabilitation among others.

With interest in neurological rehabilitation I introduced the practice of outcome measure based assessment for stroke patients and was interested in evaluating the functional mobility of stroke patients at discharge from the hospital. The few results obtained reveal patients are discharged with low functional mobility scores of the Rivermead mobility index. These results are in line with those obtained in a study titled Functional mobility of stroke patients at discharge from Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital (MRRH).

During the process of multidisciplinary teamwork I gained experience in managing various conditions and clinical reasoning in implementing a management plan. Mostly I expounded my experience in management of clubfeet, urinary incontinence.


I wish to extend my sincere appreciation to interface Uganda for picking interest in funding physiotherapy and hence availing rehabilitation services to the communities.

Appreciation also goes to Kagando Hospital for providing a good working environment and equipment for rehabilitation of patients.

2016 June – Amon’s report from Kagando

2016 August – Amon’s report from Kagando