How We Help

From training surgeons and healthcare staff to providing and funding equipment, Interface Uganda help people in East Africa needing reconstructive surgery in a variety of ways.

Training surgeons and healthcare staff in Uganda

Interface is helping to train surgeons in East Africa in a number of ways, with a Trainee Programme at CoRSU Hospital, and helping with course fees and equipment.


Covering patients transport, surgical and rehabilitation costs

Many people in Uganda do not know where to go if they need medical treatment, and the cost of any investigations and treatment is so high compared to their income that they cannot afford it.


Providing and funding equipment

Interface Uganda has used some of the funds raised to buy new equipment for surgeons and therapists, and also to transport used equipment to hospitals in Uganda.


Funding healthcare teams to help and teach in Uganda

Ever since Interface started as a charity in 2001, we have tried to fund surgeons, nurses, plaster technicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and dieticians to help and teach in various hospitals in Uganda.