More patient stories from CoRSU

More patient stories from CoRSU

30th July, 2017

Thank you to George Galliwango (head of plastic and reconstructive surgery at CoRSU hospital) for the following patient stories:


Nabiryo was unable to close her left eye.  As a baby, she was crawling and fell into a hot iron, which burnt her, and left her with scars that prevented her eye closing.  She was orphaned as a child, and could not afford surgery.  Interface helped her to pay for her surgery at CoRSU hospital.  She can now close her eye.

“Interface am [...]


Use of bottles for babies with clefts

22nd July, 2017

This is the Questionnaire that Jane Sibley developed with Karen Devaraj to determine the effectiveness of the bottles and teats that Interface has been sending out to CoRSU.  Bertha (nutritionist at CoRSU) has filled it out, and it seems very beneficial to keep sending them.

Use of soft bottles and teats at CoRSU by babies with a cleft


Annual Information Evening 2017

12th July, 2017

Thank you to everyone who managed to get to our Information Evening this year.  Helen Anderson introduced the evening and the speakers, and gave an overview of the charity.  We then had a great speaker – Dom Hazell, who is a physiotherapist at the RD&E hospital.  He and his wife spent time at Kagando hospital in February this year, and Dom fed back a very thought-provoking view of the hospital – the struggles it has financially with equipment [...]