More feeding bottles for babies at CoRSU

bottles sent July 2016Jane Sibley (cleft nurse specialist in Oxford) went out to CoRSU hospital in Uganda in March, and helped with the feeding of babies born with cleft lip and palates.  She has been keeping in touch with the nursing staff in CoRSU, who found the soft, squeezable bottles really useful.  She has bought more bottles and teats for Tim Goodacre (chairman and trustee of Interface Uganda, and Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford) to take out to CoRSU hospital this month.
This is from Jane’s email:
In total there are 33 bottles  (I found a few extra!) and 35 Mam teats. the bottles actually come with normal teats so hopefully they’ll be able to make use of those as well. I am sure they never waste anything! I also bought 3 packets of weaning spoons to add in to the package- hoping Tim wouldn’t notice them!
No doubt the team at CoRSU and the new mums will find them useful, as it is so important for the babies to get good nutrition prior to their cleft lip and palate surgery.  Thank you Jane for all your help with this essential equipment.